About Integrity Audit and Accounting Ltd.

Integrity is a Calgary, Alberta based company specializing in Joint Venture Audit, Management of Joint Ventures, and Oil and Gas Joint Venture Accounting. We recognize the strategic importance of Joint Venture relationships and strive to help both Operators and Non-Operators alike find solutions to their problems.

Joint Venture Audits Matter

Many companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase cash flow. Joint Venture audits allow companies to ensure that their joint venture accounts are being managed in a cost effective and corporately responsible way by an Operator. Navigating a Joint Venture audit can be challenging given the variety of systems, processes and procedures used by companies in the oil and gas industry. An audit firm is only as effective as the individual auditors that represent your interests, and Integrity offers the knowledge, experience and professionalism that sees you through a successful audit.

Internal Solutions

Our experienced staff doesn’t just focus on Joint Venture audits. Rather, we can also offer a variety of internal solutions to assist companies with their own administration of their Joint Venture accounts. When companies are having to do more with fewer resources, outsourcing can be an effective way of leveraging the experience of an audit and accounting firm that doesn’t just give answers, but offers comprehensive solutions.

Kody Carroll, MBA

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Kody Carroll has been specializing in Joint Venture Accounting and Joint Venture Audit for both upstream and midstream oil and gas companies for 15 years. He has performed and managed a number of audits at a multitude of companies across the industry. In addition, he has been involved in training on PASC model agreements, equalizations, joint venture accounting, and joint venture audit.

Kody has an MBA from the University of Calgary specializing in Global Energy Management and Sustainability.

Additionally, Kody is a member of the Joint Venture Audit Committee (JVAC), a committee established by the Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada (PASC) to set out best practices for joint venture auditors in the Canadian energy industry, as well as to provide clarification on the interpretation of industry agreements.

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