Integrity Audit and Accounting Ltd. – Our Services

Joint Venture Audit Services We offer top to bottom audit management for oil and gas companies, including operator/property selection, preparation, scheduling, auditing, reporting and response/rebuttal on:

  • Joint Venture Audits (including Operating Expense and/or Capital Expenditure audit)
  • Production Allocation Audits
  • Custom Processing Fee Audits
  • Equalization/13th Month Adjustment Audits
  • Payout Audits
  • GORR Audits
  • Interim/Final Statements of Adjustment Audits
  • Change of Operatorship Audits

Joint Venture Accounting Services and Management Services In addition to audits, we are able to assist with:

  • Operated Audit Responses
  • Calculation of Custom Processing Fees and preparation of Service Agreements
  • Preparation of Equalizations/13th Month Adjustments
  • Subledger/Partner Reconciliations and Collections
  • Internal Overhead Review, set-up of Overhead Recoveries and other cost recovery opportunities
  • Joint Venture Accounting and Management of Joint Ventures

Custom Training and Informational Sessions Our experienced professionals are able to provide custom training to groups or individuals on any joint venture accounting, joint venture protocol, or operational accounting topic. You decide what kind of custom training you’re interested in, and we can make it happen. Whether it’s a one hour lunch-and-learn on a specific topic or a multi-day course built around your specific agreements, let us help provide the information and guidance to fulfil your joint venture needs.

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