Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) Trucking Audits

Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) trucking audits possess unique challenges, including large data sets, a variety of typed and handwritten invoices, volumetric reviews, and IOGC scrutiny. You need experts who can navigate these obstacles and provide results you can count on. Integrity has the expertise, people, and technology to optimize IOGC trucking audits.

The Integrity Advantage

Integrity are industry leaders in Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) trucking audits. These audits require expertise in production, operations, and accounting. Here are some Here are some reasons to choose Integrity for your IOGC trucking audit:

100% Pass Rate

IOGC trucking audits are subject to considerable review. If your audit firm produces a report that does not pass the IOGC's scrutiny, this costs you additional time and money. Integrity has the rare distinction of a 100% pass rate for IOGC audits, meaning our audit methodologies are proven and reliable.

Proprietary Technology

Our custom software application uses a combination of data-analytics, AI, and machine learning technologies to make audits more accurate and efficient. This technology reduces audit time, which saves you money and gets results faster.


We combine this technology usage with manual reviews performed by audit professionals. Our auditors specialize in oil & gas auditing and accounting, and they have worked on many IOGC and other oil and gas audits. Integrity’s reviews include a determination of the eligibility of the trucking costs as well as an evaluation of the trucking cost allocation methodology.

Policy Compliant

We follow the Policy and Procedures Directive – Independent Audits of Trucking Costs for Oil as issued by IOGC. We provide industry leading audit plans that meet or exceed IOGC’s requirements.

Client Support

We support clients who require an independent audit report of the trucking costs pertaining to deductions for clean oil deliveries as required by IOGC. We do this by conducting a detailed review of the lease agreements subject to the IOGC trucking cost audit.

Connect With Us

The Integrity team is available to conduct your joint venture audits and partnership audits. We can also help with other audit and accounting projects, issues, and inquiries.


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