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Integrity is a Calgary, Alberta based company specializing in Joint Venture Audit, Management of Joint Ventures, and Oil and Gas Joint Venture Accounting. We recognize the strategic importance of Joint Venture relationships and strive to help both Operators and Non-Operators alike find solutions to their problems. Call (403) 813-8837 today to set up an appointment

Overhead & Administration

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The PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure – The First Look (Part 3, Overhead and Administration)   The challenge of preparing an overhead discussion isn’t just to describe the process of how to charge it. That’s pretty easy; most companies’ systems already have built in processes that do it for you. The challenge comes with deciding what constitutes [...]

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Direct Charges

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The PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure – The First Look (Part 2, Direct Charges) My first blog in this series on the Board-approved PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure took a look at what was new and interesting in Article I of the Accounting Procedure. Whereas Article I deals more with the guidance of joint venture accounting practices and agreement administration, [...]

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The First Look

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The PASC The PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure – The First Look (Part 1) The highly anticipated and long awaited Board-approved PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure has finally been released to industry! This means that our industry wish lists have all been granted and companies are going to rush to adopt the latest joint venture accounting practices, right? Well, not quite. [...]

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Welcome to the Integrity Audit and Accounting Ltd. blog. The purpose of this blog site is to address common issues and questions surrounding joint venture audits, joint venture accounting issues, PASC agreement clarification, and anything else related to the management of joint ventures in the Canadian oil and gas industry. We’ll be adding new topics and new discussions from [...]

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