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2017 Year in Review

From PASC President Cody Austin   2017 has been a very busy time for the Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada (PASC). This year the society focused heavily on creating value for our members. Our key areas of focus have been updating and ensuring relevancy of publications, education and providing quality [...]

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Accounting Procedures

There are times when people ask me my opinion about the chargeability of certain items under the various PASC Accounting Procedures. Often the answer is clear cut and it is easy to point people in the right direction. Sometimes, I get asked about a grey area, in which case my answer [...]

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Cash Calls

Protocol, Practice and Problems When I sent out an open call for readers to suggest an operational accounting topic to write about, the response was overwhelmingly in favour of one topic: cash calls. To begin, why do we have cash calls in industry? In essence, the [...]

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Overhead & Administration

The PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure – The First Look (Part 3, Overhead and Administration)   The challenge of preparing an overhead discussion isn’t just to describe the process of how to charge it. That’s pretty easy; most companies’ systems already have built in processes that do [...]

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Direct Charges

The PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure – The First Look (Part 2, Direct Charges) My first blog in this series on the Board-approved PASC 2011 Accounting Procedure took a look at what was new and interesting in Article I of the Accounting Procedure. Whereas Article I deals more with [...]

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