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The Integrity Advantage

Integrity is a Calgary, Alberta based company specializing in oil and gas audit and accounting services.  Additionally, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs including contract compliance, joint venture management, internal audit and vendor audit. We recognize the importance of our clients’ relationships and strive to help all parties involved meet their goals and improve operational efficiencies.

A Different Business Model

Integrity’s model is to offer higher salaries and better benefit and compensation packages than comparable firms, allowing Integrity to attract and retain the highest quality auditors in the business. Integrity has organized its business in such a way that Integrity does not require a physical office location; most auditor work is typically done in various client or operator offices. Instead, when required, third party conference centres or meeting rooms are reserved for meetings, training and updates on new technologies. Integrity takes monies saved by eliminating office costs and puts them directly to better compensation packages for
our employees and cost reductions for our clients.

We deliver exceptional results through three key facets; Experience, Innovation and Integrity.


We understand the importance of employing only the most experienced personnel for your company’s projects, and Integrity is proud to have one of the most experienced teams in the industry. While many of our competitors charge junior accountants at senior professional rates, Integrity does not relieve demanding audit schedules with junior, inexperienced or unqualified candidates, and has steadfastly remained committed to delivering exceptional results using only the most qualified and motivated personnel.

Integrity’s personnel have a wide breadth of experience that comes from planning and executing multitudes of audit and accounting projects, ranging from small single well facilities to the largest and most complex LNG projects in Canada.


Integrity is an industry leader in technology, using tools and applications to streamline project management and information exchange. Having implemented many of the technology firsts in the field of contract audit, Integrity’s commitment to pursuit of cutting edge systems and processes is unparalleled. Integrity’s proprietary audit management software drastically lowers administration time and costs you may see compared to other competitors. This gives our auditors more valuable time to focus on bringing more efficient results and recoveries to the project at hand. Business today is mobile, so Integrity’s cloud based network systems are provided by the largest and most sophisticated providers allowing us to access information from anywhere on the globe.

Integrity is also heavily involved with the Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada (PASC), Petroleum Joint Ventures Association (PJVA), Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) and the local chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). By working with these organizations, Integrity keeps our finger on the pulse of a changing industry which provides our clients with the most up to date information and best practices that help optimize your results.


Integrity is not just a buzzword at our company. Integrity’s approach is to provide our clients with an exceptional product, impartial observations, and transparency throughout our engagements. We are an independent third party that aims to ensure the accountability of the partners and find operational efficiencies through audit, and to provide a qualified, unbiased outlook that thinks beyond the immediate problems at hand.

The Integrity Philosophy

Integrity’s prerogative is to place the upmost emphasis on value creation for your organization. Our growth has been driven by our pursuit of opportunities to reduce our clients’ audit costs while maximizing their value and recoveries.