Inventories, Contract Compliance & Vendor Audits

Whether inventory is managed internally or by an external warehouse management company, regular inventory audits are essential for confidently reporting on fixed asset accounting. Whether you require a physical field/warehouse inventory count or have needs that can be satisfied by an inventory desk audit, Integrity can assist.

  • Field Physical Inventory Existence Counts
  • Field Review of Maintenance and Upkeep Schedules
  • Material Transfer Accuracy
  • Inventory Account Reconciliations
  • Excess Inventory Management

Contract Compliance & Vendor Audits
Where there are contracts, there are potential compliance issues that have significant impacts on your business. As part of our mission to provide industry leading professional audit and accounting services to our clients, we also have specialists ready to complete your inventory, contract compliance, or vendor audit. These audits demand expertise in accounting, contracts, and operations. Whether your audit requires boots on the ground or experts analyzing electronic data, we have you covered. Possible audit tests include:
  • Rate Comparisons to Master Service Agreements
  • Unapproved Variances in Billings
  • Corporate Safety Policy Compliance
  • Employee Expense Statement Reviews
  • Duplicate Billings Identification
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy Compliance
  • Valid Insurance Coverage/Worker’s Compensation

The Integrity Advantage

Since 2011, Integrity has been providing assurance through detailed audits, including inventories, contract compliance, and vendor audits. As with our other audits, we believe our advantage comes from maximizing value, efficiency and cooperation through experience, innovation, and integrity.


Integrity has multiple auditors who have conducted physical inventory counts and audits. We understand inventories are often accompanied by rain, mud, and snow (not to mention the technical challenges of the reconciliations and reviews). Come rain or shine, our auditors have the experience, grit, and know-how to complete your counts accurately.

Similarly, Integrity has several experts in contract compliance and vendor audits. From major construction companies and lodging vendors to smaller service contractors, we are well prepared to diligently test contract compliance and vendor costs.


Using the most current data analytics tools, Integrity is able to analyze massive amounts of information very quickly to find the actionable results that often get lost in the numbers. In addition, Integrity has access to propriety software solutions that can further help validate invoices through AI and Machine Learning.


Safety is paramount. For any field visit or physical inventory, we ensure our auditors are fully equipped with all necessary PPE and fully compliant with all of the host's health and safety requirements. To date we have a perfect safety record, with no injuries, incidents, or issues.

Connect With Us

The Integrity team is available to conduct your joint venture audits and partnership audits. We can also help with other audit and accounting projects, issues, and inquiries.

Kevin Hill, Manager of Audits: (587) 575-1475


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Our mission is to provide industry leading professional audit and accounting services to our clients in a way that maximizes value, efficiency and cooperation through experience, innovation, technology and integrity.

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