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Our Services

Joint Venture Audit

Integrity is a complete joint venture audit service provider, and is equipped to manage all areas of audits, including operator/property selection, preparation, scheduling, auditing and response/rebuttal.

  • Joint Venture Audits (including Operating Expenses and/or Capital Expenditures)
  • Production Allocation Audits
  • Gas Plant Allocation and Measurement Audits
  • Custom Processing Fee Audits
  • Equalization/13th Month Adjustment Audits
  • Payout Audits
  • GORR Audits
  • Interim/Final Statement of Adjustments Audits
  • Change of Operatorship Audits
  • Royalty Audits
  • Revenue and Marketing Audits

Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) Trucking Audits

Integrity Audit is the industry leader in Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) trucking audits having conducted multiple successful audits that have passed IOGC scrutiny. Our audits are on time and on budget.

We follow the Policy and Procedures Directive – Independent Audits of Trucking Costs for Oil as issued by IOGC and provide industry leading audit plans that meet or exceed IOGCs requirements.

We support clients who require an independent audit report of the trucking costs pertaining to deductions for clean oil deliveries as required by IOGC by conducting a detailed review of the lease agreements subject to the IOGC trucking cost audit, Integrity will uses a combination of invoice data analysis using proprietary technology and manual invoice review for handwritten trucking tickets. Integrity’s reviews include a determination of the eligibility of the trucking costs as well as an evaluation of the trucking cost allocation methodology.

For more information on how Integrity can help with any of your IOGC independent audit requirements contact us today.

Joint Venture Management and Operational Accounting

Integrity is able to provide full top to bottom accounting services in all areas of managing joint venture, production allocation and operational accounting.

  • Joint Venture Accounting Services
  • Production Accounting Services
  • Acquisition/Disposition Statement of Adjustments Preparation (ISOA/FSOA)
  • Consulting on JVB/JIB Dispute Resolution
  • Operated Audit Responses
  • Calculation of Custom Processing Fees and Preparation of Service Agreements
  • Preparation of Equalizations/13th Month Adjustments
  • Master File Maintenance and Accounting System Setup
  • Month End Processing
  • Cash Call Management
  • Royalty Management
  • Subledger/Partner Reconciliations and Collections

Cost Recovery and Operational Accounting Projects

Review and analysis of governing agreements to ensure optimal cost recoveries and ensure operational accounting efficiency.

  • Overhead Projects (Percentage Overhead)
  • Payroll/Personnel Reviews
  • Accounting System Setup
  • Production Accounting Facility Setup and Review
  • Cost Allocation Methodologies
  • Engineering and Technical Services Charge-Outs
  • Third Party Service Income Reviews

Contract Compliance / Vendor Audit Services

Where there are contracts there are potential compliance issues that have significant impacts on your business. Using the most current data analytics tools, Integrity is able to analyze massive amounts of information very quickly to find the actionable results that often get lost in the numbers.

  • Rate Comparisons to Master Service Agreements
  • Unapproved Variances in Billings
  • Corporate Safety Policy Compliance
  • Employee Expense Statement Reviews
  • Duplicate Billings Identification
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy Compliance
  • Valid Insurance Coverage/Worker’s Compensation

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

We understand how important relationships are to you and your business. Integrity strives to help parties to contracts avoid costly legal litigation by focusing and understanding each party’s needs and objectives in a dispute, and fostering a cooperative relationship.

  • Joint Venture Dispute Resolution
  • Agreement Interpretation Consulting
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Audit Resolution
  • Litigation Support Services

Fraud Investigation

Fraud or “white collar” crime is increasing at an alarming rate both in Canada and around the world. Integrity understands the complexity, confidentiality and discretion required when completing fraud investigations and forensic accounting engagements. We specialize in all aspects of fraud investigation including:

  • Fraud Risk Assessments
  • Internal Investigations
  • Designing and Implementing Whistleblower Policies and Hotlines
  • Establishing Anti-Fraud Policies
  • Performing Surprise Audits
  • Fraud Prevention Programs
  • Due Diligence Investigations

Integrity Audit and Accounting Ltd. is proud to employ members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the world’s largest anti-fraud organization.

Inventory Audits and Accounting Management

Whether inventory is managed internally or by an external warehouse management company, regular inventory audits are essential for confidently reporting on fixed asset accounting. Whether you require a physical field/warehouse inventory count or have needs that can be satisfied by an inventory desk audit, Integrity can assist.

  • Field Physical Inventory Existence Counts
  • Field Review of Maintenance and Upkeep Schedules
  • Material Transfer Accuracy
  • Inventory Account Reconciliations
  • Excess Inventory Management

Custom Industry Training and Information Sessions

Our experienced professionals are able to provide custom training to groups or individuals on any joint venture accounting, joint venture protocol, or operational accounting topic. You decide the kind of custom training you’re interested in, and we can make it happen.

  •  Interpreting Accounting Procedures
  •  Contract Operating Agreements
  •  Overhead Rates and Calculations
  •  Interpreting Governing Agreements – CO&Os, JOAs, GHAs etc.